Cycling Clothing

Element 22 is the 22nd Element on the Periodic Table and represent the incredible metal that is Titanium.

We are based on Australia's Gold Coast, where sport thrives and many talented athletes ply their trade. 

We produce world class performance apparel focussed specifically on Cycling and Triathlon, producing what we believe are the best Cycling Bibs and Tri-suits in the game. That's it, if you are looking for Elite Cycling Bibs and Tri-suits, look no further. 

Created by our Italian manufacturer under ISO 9001 and Social Accountability International Standard SA8000, our clothing is Engineered from the most technologically advanced, ultra soft Italian fabrics and whilst many other brands source their Pads externally, our Pads are produced internally, exclusively to suit each Cycling Bib and Tri-suit, providing the highest level of Performance and Comfort.

Our Tri-suits are super light, quick-drying and deliver outstanding aquatic speed, improving performance. The parts in close contact with the body are devoid of seams, joined by a technique called bonding, which eliminates any chance of chaffing.

Our apparel is all race cut so it won't suit everyone, but, we don't want to be a brand for everyone, we're serious about what we do and so are the athletes who wear our kit!