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Bib Short

In the wind tunnel testing, the aerodynamics, position of the athlete on the bike and utilisation of proper cycling attire, have all been identified as factors that significantly help in performance. The bib short is designed to follow the contours of the athlete in a riding position, not the athlete in a standing position, like many other bib shorts.

  • These Bib shorts have an innovative cut 6 panels “MOULDING” structure, highly breathable gripper elastic and two way elastic bib braces with mesh fabric inserts in the front and rear for more comfort during the ride.
  • Special High Compression fabric with mesh structure is utilised in the core.

Abrasion testing is carried out on test fabrics, which are rubbed against each other using the Martindale Method to test for and ensure durability.

The Italian made pad is embroidered and has the perfect fit, developed for medium to long-range distances. It has a thin base foam with excellent density and thickness, which provides excellent freedom of movement, an incredible elasticity and prevents abrasion due to excessive outer edge friction. 

PERFECT FIT - Aerodynamically cut, the Bib Shorts have a fast and compressive fit to reduce muscle fatigue and eliminate drag.