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Our Triathlon Suit is the pinnacle of technical clothing dedicated to Triathlon and developed in collaboration with the best professionals of the sport. The super light and quick-drying techno fabrics improve performance. This suit has an ergonomic fit designed to improve the hydrodynamics of the athlete. The parts in close contact with the body are devoid of seams, united by the “bonded” technique.

In a Hydrostatic Water Pressure Test we measure the material for waterproofness and water resistance. What we measure in a standard test is the measured water pressure, which is increased steadily until the third water droplet shows on the surface. We also measure, in a second test set-up, the waterproofness of the textiles at a given time and pressure.

This suit comes as a short sleeve suit, which has a YKK Cam Lock zip on the front side, both come with Flatlock Stitches and Bonded Seams, Side Panels, upper part of the body and back, finished off with a Superroubaix pad.